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Animates Betta Duo Aquarium 20L


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Innovative, contemporary design for keeping Betta fish

  • Animates Betta Duo Aquarium 20L-A150572
  • Animates Betta Duo Aquarium 20L-A150572

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Animates Betta Duo Aquarium 20L

Innovative, contemporary design. Easy to maintain and very efficient. LED Lighting, twin blacked out seperate compartments

Item Information
Product Reorder Code A150572
Tank Volume 22L
Tank Dimensions 35x25x25cm
Filtration 150L/h Internal
Lighting LED
Accessories Included Media, Heater
Stand Dimensions NA
Brand Animates

Customer Reviews

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Not good but not bad



I was very excited to get this tank! but when I opened it up, it took me ages to set it up because there were no instructions and the pump was confusing on what part goes where and how to make it stay where it is. I love the look of it from some angles but when you look from above it just doesn't have the right design. One other thing that I wanted to mention was the the condensation at the top on the glass was massive, it gets very wet up there and ruins the look of the tank for me. Also the glass on the top isn't the right fit and it just slides around. Overall I feel like they are one the right tract to making a great tank but they are just not there yet :(

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