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10 tips for safe and happy pets this Guy Fawkes

10 tips for safe and happy pets this Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes is fast approaching and while it might be an exciting event on the calendar for us, it can be quite the opposite for our pets causing anxiety and in some cases running away from the distress. The bright lights and loud noises aren't something they see and hear every day therefore it can lead to stress related behaviours such as hiding, pacing and barking.

Keep your pets happy and safe by checking out our top tips and products below:

Check your pets microchip, collar and ID tag details are up to date.
Each year many pets are reported missing, ensuring your pets details are up to date will help them get home if your pet does get scared and run from your property. Click here to check and update your details held on your pets microchip with the New Zealand Companion Animal Register.

Be prepared - Guy Fawkes is a one day holiday, but fireworks can be let off at anytime.
Having anxiety relief products on hand will help minimise stress, we recommend products such as the Thundershirt or natural sprays like BioPet and PetCalm which help calm pets.

Feed your pets before the fireworks start.
A full stomach should help your pet relax and make them sleepy.

For dogs, let them go outside for a toilet stop before the fireworks start.
For our feline friends, make sure you provide them with an indoor litter tray.

Keep your pets indoor where possible with the curtains pulled.
This will keep the fireworks out of sight and helps to hush the noise of fireworks - ensure also that you keep your feline friend inside by keeping their cat door locked.

Turn on the television or stereo.
This can can help to disguise the sounds of fireworks.

Provide small pets with extra bedding to burrow in.
For small pets living outside, be sure to keep one side of the enclosure covered with blankets to help sound proof it.

Have your pets favourite snuggle toy and bed ready for them.
Providing your pets with these items will help them to feel comfortable.

If your pets want to hide, that's ok - let them.
Trying to get them to come out of hiding may stress them out more. Creating a 'den' for dogs also provides a safe place.

Avoid cuddling your dog when they are scared!
We know it can be hard to resist cuddles, but try not to reward your dog for being afraid.

Shop our range of products that can help reduce the stress for pets during these times and are a great option for pets that are nervous and unsettled.