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7 tips to keep your pets cool in hot weather

7 tips to keep your pets cool in hot weather

We all love to have fun in the sun with our four-legged friends, but there are some very important things you need to be cautious and aware of when it comes to your pet’s health during the warmer weather.


Follow these 7 tips and to keep your pet safe when the temperature rises.

This is the time of year where we need to be mindful about the effects the hot weather can have on our pets. Unlike humans, most animals can’t sweat to reduce body heat. Instead, dogs and cats mainly lose heat by panting but there is a limit as to how much they can cool themselves down. To help your pets beat the heat this summer, follow our 7 top tips:

1. Modifying your exercise or walking routine:

When the temperature soars, exercise your pet early in the morning or last thing at night. If in doubt, avoid exercise. Avoid hot surfaces as these may damage your furry friend’s paws.

2. Ensure your pet has access to fresh drinking water:

Make sure that you provide plenty of water in multiple places and use plastic or terracotta dog bowls instead of metal ones. To help cool them down you can add ice cubes to your pet’s water, just let them melt a little or crush them before giving to your dog.

Many pets prefer to drink water when it is flowing so it can be helpful to provide them with a specially designed pet water fountain. Using a pet water fountain can help to encourage your pet to drink more water, especially if you have a pet that is fussy about their water as these fountains help to keep water fresh and debris-free.

3. Keeping cool & hydrated on the road:

Summer road trip here we come, but make sure your car is cool and never leave your dog in the car. Make sure you regularly offer your pet water to keep hydrated throughout the trip – so don’t forget to pack your dog’s water bottle and travel water bowl in the car.

4. Use a cooling mat:

Pet cooling mats are also another great way to help your furry friend cool off from the sweltering summer heat. Our Trixie Cooling Mats are pressure activated and works without additional cooling, electricity or water. The temperature of the pad will start to drop, cooling your pet down with it for several hours in one session and is ideal for use in the car, in your dog’s bed or kennel. When out and about on hot days, you can also keep your pet cool with a Trixie cooling bandanna or vest too!

5. Apply pet sunscreen:

Did you know ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ applies to pets too? Apply pet-friendly sunscreen to noses, tips of ears and tummies to keep your pet safe from the sun! Remember to keep them inside during the day and away from the peak of the heat.

6. Summer swim:

Many dogs love a quick dip – ensure they aren’t left alone in the water and that you dry their ears afterwards. Click here to learn how to teach your dog to swim in 6 easy steps.

7. Keep cool at home:

Ensure your pet always has access to adequate shade in the backyard and refrain from tethering a dog to something that can prevent them from seeking different shady areas of the yard. On especially warm days, you can keep your pets cool by leaving fans or the air-conditioner on all day (or during the hottest times of the day).

Signs of heat stress

There are many signs when a cat or dog is in danger, but sometimes animals may also show no signs at all and could simply collapse without warning. Watch out for excessive panting or salivation, dark ‘brick red’ gums, restlessness, vomiting and diarrhoea. Heat stroke can affect pets so quickly that they can become comatose, or even die, within a very short time of being exposed to the heat and direct sun, especially dangerous in parked cars.

Recognise the signs of heat stress and act fast - quick action could save your pets life! If you notice any of these warning signs, immediately wet your pet down with cool water, place in front of a fan or air-conditioner and get to your nearest vet (contact the vet on the way for further advice).

To learn more about how to keep your pets safe and happy during the summer months, pop into your local Animates or Animates Vetcare clinic.

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