Tropical Fish Myth Busters

Did you know tropical fish are quite easy to care for, keep clean and make a wonderful addition to your family.

Below we have compiled a group of myth busters to keep your finned friend happy and healthy. If you are after a particular product or need advice, visit our friendly team in-store and they will be happy to help, even offering a FREE water test if required.

Tropical & coldwater fish have very similar requirements. Tropical fish need the same basic equipment as goldfish - an appropriately sized aquarium with filter, regular feeding & regular maintenance. Tropical fish also need an aquarium heater to keep their water warm.

Aquatic heaters have built-in thermostats so that they only turn on when needed. This makes them very economical to run, with the average heater costing just a few cents per day in power consumption.

Goldfish grow very large, up to 30cm - so they require a big aquarium (we recommend an absolute minimum of 50L per adult goldfish). If a goldfish isn't growing this is generally a sign of very poor health. Tropical fish are a much better choice for smaller aquariums as there are a number of different varieties of tropical fish available that stay very small even in adulthood (e.g. various kinds of tetras, rasboras & livebearers), meaning that even a smaller aquarium can usually house a variety of brightly-coloured, active fish.

Many tropical fish are best housed in groups as they are much more confident & less stressed when they can "school" together.

Goldfish create a lot of waste so are comparatively high-maintenance, often requiring more cleaning than tropical fish. A suitably stocked tropical aquarium should only require a small amount of maintenance (partial water change, filter rinse, gravel clean & general tidy-up) once every two weeks.

Live plants help to keep aquarium water clean & healthy for fish by oxygenating the water and absorbing potentially toxic waste products. They provide shelter for fish, which helps to bring out natural, active behaviours in otherwise shy fish. They help to bring out brighter colours in your fish & they act as great-looking natural decor for your aquarium.

There are types of fish who cannot be safely housed in planted aquariums (as they like to eat all greenery), in which case a range of attractive & natural-looking artificial plants are also available. These breeds vary greatly, so if you are unsure talk to our friendly staff in-store about what will suit your aquarium.