Purely Pets

Visit your local Animates store to purchase Purely Pets - not available online due to being frozen meat.

Purely Pets is a 100% New Zealand-owned brand that believes in feeding pets the very best, as nature intended. Cats and dogs are carnivores that thrive on quality raw meat, and Purely Pets delivers that in its most natural form. Every product in the Purely Pets range is 100% free of grains, preservatives, and artificial colours. Purely Pets is recommended as a supplementary diet – feed variety to achieve a balance over time. If you want your cat or dog to have fresh-smelling breath, clean teeth, a shiny coat, boundless energy and great health, including raw food in the diet can help. Purely Pets products are full of digestible protein, high in moisture, and cats and dogs love the taste! Natural benefits of Purely Pets include:

Dental Health

Purely Pets has bones for both large and small breed dogs, and even cats. Cleaning your pet’s teeth with a size-appropriate, raw bone is a fun, natural way to help ensure your pet maintains its dental hygiene. We recommend Chicken Necks for all cats and dogs under about 6kg, and Veal Bones for dogs over 6kg.

High Digestibility/Low Stool Output

The intestinal tracts of cats and dogs are relatively short – this means they need nutrients that are absorbed quickly and easily by the body. The protein in raw meat is extremely digestible – this means it is taken into the body and used, rather than being passed out as waste. Less waste means less mess to clean up!

Skin and Coat Health

One of the first things people notice when they start to feed Purely Pets is that their pet’s skin and coat looks healthier. Lots of moisture and healthy essential fatty acids in Purely Pets products helps nourish the skin and coat. Check out the Purely Pets Possum Patties for a hypoallergenic option for pets with allergies.

Bone and Joint Health

If you have a growing cat or dog, calcium is very important. Ground-up bone is a natural source of calcium, and you can find it in any Purely Pets product that contains chicken (e.g. Purely Pets Chicken Medallions). Ground-up bone also provides a source of digestible glucosamine and chondroitin, which are important nutrients for maintaining joint health.

Muscle Growth and Repair

Quality protein is essential for many functions of the body, including muscle repair and development. Any Purely Pets product is high in digestible protein.

Healthy Immune System

Purely Pets provides premium nutrition, which means the body has a stronger, better-equipped immune system.

High Moisture Content

Water is the most important nutrient for survival. Cats, especially, benefit from moisture in the diet because they do not have a strong natural drive to drink a lot of water. Purely Pets products are high in moisture, which helps keep the body hydrated, flushes the kidneys, and can help prevent the incidence of bladder disorders.

Weight Control

Obesity is a common disease seen in pets today. By reducing the amount of carbohydrates in the diet, and replacing it with natural raw meat, you can help your pet reach a more healthy body condition. Purely Pets has low-fat options such as Purely Pets Veal Patties and Purely Pets Rabbit & Hare Patties.


Once your pet has included raw, natural meat to the diet they will look great and feel even better!