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Why you should choose Superior Nutrition cat food

Why you should choose Superior Nutrition cat food

What you feed your cat is one of the most important choices you can make for them, so it’s crucial to select the right diet to set them up for life and their overall health (inside and out). To help you choose the best food for your cat’s nutritional needs, we’ll provide you with some helpful information below on Superior Nutrition food, and why we recommend a Superior Nutrition diet for the wellbeing of your cat.

What is ‘Superior Nutrition’ cat food?

‘Superior Nutrition’ refers to those pet foods with the highest quality ingredients and formulations. Compared to other value options that you find in supermarkets, Superior Nutrition cat foods are nutritionally complete and balanced.
This food is scientifically formulated so your cat receives the optimal nutrition based on their life stage, breed and lifestyle.

Benefits of Superior Nutrition cat food

Here are a few reasons why Superior Nutrition cat foods outperform other cat foods:

  • Formulated for specific breeds, life stages and health conditions
  • Promotes skin and coat health
  • Highly digestible for healthier poos
  • No added artificial colours or flavour enhancers
  • DHA to enhance brain and nervous system
  • Contains the highest quality ingredients
  • Blend of vitamins and minerals for optimal health
  • Contains antioxidants that support immune health
  • Lower cost per feed compared to non-premium food
  • Enhanced nutrition through scientific research and innovation
  • Created in partnership with veterinary and nutritional experts

What about the cost?

It is a common misconception that Superior Nutrition diets are expensive compared to supermarket brands. It may seem this way at first, however due to their high digestibility and calorie density of Superior Nutrition foods, your cat will feel full with a smaller serving size compared to non-premium food. As a result, you will actually get a larger number of feeds per bag of Superior Nutrition cat food, reducing the cost of each serving.

The costs of feeding your pet a Superior Nutrition diet over supermarket brands will genuinely pay off in the long run: more money saved, less waste to clean up, and overall better health for your feline friend.

Every cat is unique and so it will come as no surprise that they will have different nutritional needs. At Animates, we understand that your feline friend’s health is your number one priority which is why we recommend Superior Nutrition diet as it is specially designed to support your cats’ needs at every stage of life; from kittenhood through to their adults and senior years


As kittens are in a period of rapid growth, Superior Nutrtion kitten food promotes their physical and mental development with high levels of omega-3, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Adult cats

For adult cats, you’ll be able to find a Superior Nutrition cat food that matches whether your cat lives indoors or outdoors, and if they have any special health needs such as urinary health, hairball control or weight management.

Note: Before switching your cat’s food to a special care nutrition diet, check with your vet if this is the right food for your pet. If you have any concerns about your cat’s health, book an appointment at your local Animates Vetcare clinic.

Senior cats

Once your cat reaches their senior years at age 7, switch them to Superior Nutrition senior cat food which supports ageing joints and brains.

Optimal Care Plan. Give your pet the best care.

Mixed feeding 

While dry food offers many great health benefits (e.g. the crunchy texture of the kibble can help improve oral health), you may want to consider introducing a wet meal to your cat’s diet. Since most wet cat foods contain approximately 70% water, a wet meal is a great way to boost your cat's daily water intake. To give your cat the best of both words, feeding your cat a combination of wet and dry foods in their diet will help them get the most out of their mealtimes. To learn more about the benefits of mixed feeding, visit our ‘What to feed your cat - wet or dry food?’

Transitioning your cat’s diet

Once you’ve selected your cat’s new diet, we recommend a transition period, changing their old food to their new food. This is best done over a 7-day period and involves mixing the two kibbles together until your pet is solely on the new diet. During this period, keep an eye on their stools and behaviour, some pets may need a slower transition due to loose bowel movements, which can occur when changing from a diet with low nutritional value to a diet with high nutritional value as their stomach won’t be used to a highly digestible food. 

To learn more about how to safely transition your cat’s diet, click here

Are you feeding your cat right? The clue is in their poo!

Did you know that monitoring your cat’s litter box is one of the best ways to figure out if they’re eating the right diet? After all, what goes in must come out. A healthy cat poo should have the consistency of playdough and will be comfortable for them to pass and easy for you to scoop out. These poos should not contain an excess of fur and should be shiny due to the moisture content, but not coated in mucus. Switch your feline friend to Superior Nutrition cat food today and you’ll soon notice that they’re producing smaller, firmer and less smelly poos!

If you’re weighing up what to feed your cat, the best place to look for information is the packet. Head straight to the ingredients list and check out the first three ingredients listed. To identify a Superior Nutrition diet at a glance, the first ingredients should always be from an animal protein; often this will be in the form of dried meat or a meal – this means that the product is being weighed after it has been dehydrated, which in turns means it is being represented as the true amount (as opposed to Standard Nutrition options, which will often give you the pre-dried weight, which may overstate the meat percentage content).

Next, look to see if the diet has any added minerals or vitamins, such as calcium or phosphorous – both important for healthy joints, bones and teeth. Any added oils will also be great for your pet’s skin and coat and will help ensure it shines. A pet’s health starts from the inside out - this means if your pet has a shiny and healthy coat, their body is using the nutrition it needs to be healthy on the inside, before making the outside gleam.

Superior Nutrition Brands

To help you pick a Superior Nutrition diet for your cat, look out for these brands on our shelves:

100% Palatability Guarantee

If your cat doesn’t enjoy their food, simply return the open product to us in store and we can arrange a replacement food for them to get them back on their nutritional journey. We offer this guarantee on all Superior and Essential dry food products. If you have purchased this and you are a loyalty member we will have your purchase on our records, otherwise please bring your receipt.

Not sure which food is the best for your unique cat? Just ask one of the friendly, trained team members at your local Animates or Animates Vetcare clinic. While there are many different diet varieties available, remember we are always here to help.

It’s important to know that Prescription Diets are also available. These are diets that are prescribed to your pet by a vet. These diets are formulated to a high degree to focus on treating a specific ailment of your pet’s – from Hill’s J/D (for Joint Defence), to Royal Canin Diabetic food to help prevent insulin spikes. These diets are only available from vet clinics, such as an Animates’ Vetcare, so if you feel your pet needs to be reviewed by a Veterinarian, make sure you visit your local Animates Vetcare clinic

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