Introducing Leaps & Bounds, dry food for cats and dogs.

As pet parents we want the best for our fur friends however often meeting their nutritional needs can be a confusing and costly task. That’s where Leaps & Bounds comes in, it's an amazing dry food range made with 100% natural, high quality meat and vegetables, supplemented with essential vitamins and minerals. Leaps & Bounds will provide your furry friends with a complete and balanced diet without the high price tag of other premium brands. Leaps & Bounds is a little different.

We're so confident that your pet will love Leaps & Bounds we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you find your pet doesn’t enjoy their new food, return the bag to us for a full refund.

Note: if your pet is on a vet prescription diet, it’s always best to talk to your veterinarian before changing their food. We also recommend that pets transition to new food over a course of 7 days - we don’t want any unsettled tummies!

Leaps & Bounds, 100% delicious and only available at Animates.