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16 Results

16 Results


If there is one thing that all cat lovers will agree on, it’s that cat’s love to sleep – and a cat bed is the purrfect place for all those frequent catnaps. Cat beds give your feline friend their own designated place in the house and can keep them from using your own bed or other furniture that you don’t want them (or their fur) taking over.

When it comes to choosing a cat bed there are many different styles available, from basket cat bedding, to heated cat bedding, and even igloo cat bedding. What you choose will ultimately come down to what cat bed your puss feels comfortable in. Look for cat bedding that is made from a soft sleep-able fabric, choose a size big or small enough to fit your cat with a bit of room to spread out.

An enclosed cat bed or an igloo cat bed can make your kitty feel safe and secure, especially if they are new to the family or just a little shy. A heated cat bed comes with a heating unit that fits inside the bed. Heated cat beds are a great idea if you live in a colder area or have an elderly cat that has joint pain. There are some heated cat beds that can just be heated in the microwave and stay warm for a few hours afterwards.

When you have chosen your cat bed, positioning is key – so try placing it somewhere they already sleep and hopefully puss will curl up for a nap in no time.