Endogard Worm Treatment For Cats Under 5kg - 4 Tab Pack

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Applications are for cats & kittens of all sizes. Endogard is designed for worming you pet on a regular 3 monthly basis. Endogard kills and controls all intestinal worms found in cats & kittens in New Zealand. Endogard helps prevent re-infection by killing any larvae or eggs.
Care Instructions
Treat all the animals in the household with accurate doses. 1 tablet per 5kg of body weight. Tablets can be administered whole or crushed into food
Ftw Application Type
Endogard is a all wormer tablet for the treatment & control of Roundwoms & tapeworms in cats & kittens of all ages. They are extremely palatable with a liver flavour.
The active ingredients are Praziquantel & Oxibendazole (S)-methoprene

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