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Evance Flea Treatment for Cats under 4kg - 3 Pack

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Flea prevention and treatment exclusively available in New Zealand.

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Evance Flea Treatment for Cats under 4kg - 3 Pack

Evance is an effective,easy to apply, topical treatment for both cats and dogs. Evance is a complete Flea control treatment for both your pet and their surroundings. Evance Flea Treatment kills 98-100% of adult fleas within 12 hours of application. Fleas that jump onto your pet after application will also die within 1 hour. Any larval stage fleas in your pets surroundings will die following contact with your Evance treated pet. Evance Flea Treatment breaks the life cycle and kills all adult fleas that emerge from the surroundings so your pet is not re-infested.

Item Information
Brand Evance
Treats The Following Flea
Application Type Spot On
Benefits Applications available for dogs & cats of all sizes. Gentle on puppies & kittens. One application lasts for 4 weeks. 3 convenient pre-measured tube applications per box. Easy topical treatment to apply. Evance is non-sticky and has no strong chemical smell
Advice & Care Treat all the animals in the household with accurate doses. It is recommended that your pet be washed with a soap free shampoo before application and then again 2 weeks later. Ensure your pet stays dry for 24 hours after application. Careful handling of product required
Ingredients Evance can be used as part of a treatment strategy for flea allergy dermatitis (FAD). The Active ingredient is Imidacloprid which spreads over the skin surface of the your pet rather than being absorbed into the skin making it safe for use on pregnant and lactating pets
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