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Animals make the world a better place, and as they play such an important part in our lives, the care of ALL animals is our highest priority!

At Animates we believe that there are five foundations of pet care, and we are committed to providing the best pet products, advice and service to anyone who owns/looks after an animal to ensure their needs are meet and every animal in NZ can live happy and healthy lives.

The Five Foundations of pet care are:​

  1. Food and Water:  All animals need clean water and a well-balanced, healthy diet.   
  2. Shelter: All animals should live in a comfortable place to keep them healthy and happy. All animals need shelter and a comfortable resting area.   
  3. Medical Care: All animals should be taken to a vet if they are sick or injured and given regular health checks.   
  4. Exercise: All animals need enough space to move around and have regular exercise.   
  5. Love and Understanding: All animals deserve to be happy and live without too much stress.


The second foundation of pet care is ensuring your pet has the right shelter.

For your feathery friends, a cage with plenty of space to move around, a comfortable temperature (shade & sunlight) & varied perches at different heights is important for them to be safe & healthy.

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The first foundation of pet care is making sure all animals have clean water and a well balanced, healthy diet!

Our smallest feathery friends need the right hydration and nutrients in their diet to thrive, just like us. Feeding your pet bird the right food is an important key to their quality of life​.

Read on for expert advice and our huge range

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    ​Seeds are great treats for your birds. There are different seed ranges that you can explore at Animates:

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    • Options for Budgies, Cockatiels, Parrots, Canaries and Finches

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    ​Pellets are an important base diet for birds as they provide nutritional balance with the right fat content, vitamins and minerals for your birds health.

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    • DID YOU KNOW: Our pellet range is veterinary formulated