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Fish Five Foundations

Animals make the world a better place, and as they play such an important part in our lives, the care of ALL animals is our highest priority!

At Animates we believe that there are five foundations of pet care, and we are committed to providing the best pet products, advice and service to anyone who owns/looks after an animal to ensure their needs are meet and every animal in NZ can live happy and healthy lives.

The Five Foundations of pet care are:​

  1. Food and Water:  All animals need clean water and a well-balanced, healthy diet.   
  2. Shelter: All animals should live in a comfortable place to keep them healthy and happy. All animals need shelter and a comfortable resting area.   
  3. Medical Care: All animals should be taken to a vet if they are sick or injured and given regular health checks.   
  4. Exercise: All animals need enough space to move around and have regular exercise.   
  5. Love and Understanding: All animals deserve to be happy and live without too much stress.


The second foundation of pet care is ensuring your pet has the right shelter.

For our scaly friends, it’s the right tank size, making sure the tanks health is always at it cleanest and providing the right environment for the right fish. These key areas all contribute to the livelihood of your fish. 

Read on for expert advice and our huge range

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    Aquariums need to be selected carefully to make sure you have the right size for your fish(es). The below comes with a tank, light and filtration:

    Small: Great option for a betta or guppies - Ecostyle 21L

    Medium: Great option for guppies, platies, danio or tetra - Ecostyle 70L (best seller)

    Large: Great option for a community aquarium with live bearers, danio or tetras - Aquaone 127L

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    Cleaning is a habit that is essential to the health or your fish. Understanding the requirements is key, below are the basics of what you require:

    • View our scrubber range

    • View our magnet cleaner range

    • Using a gravel siphon is the easiest to maintain and helps clean up waste in hard to reach places when vacuuming

    • View our vacuum range

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    Heating your aquarium is necessary if you are keeping tropical fish. Our heaters will maintain your aquarium at the correct temperature. The correct temperature is dependent on fish species:

    • View our heater range



The first foundation of pet care is making sure all animals have a healthy diet, and mostly importantly for our scaly little friends, clean water!

Read on for expert advice and our huge range

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    Carefully managed feeding is essential for the health of your fish.

    • Over feeding is one of the main death causes of pet fish. Always remove uneaten fish flakes from your aquarium.​​

    • Top quality range: Nutrafin

    • Shop our block​ holiday feeding range​

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    Water Health​

    Good quality water is essential toward your fish safety and health.

    We recommend:

    Nutrafin water conditioner.​

    Water conditioners are an essential product to always have.​

    Bacterial supplements are required so you can keep your fish healthy when they get sick, or prevent them from getting sick.