Lemon Tetra

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Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis

Temperature: 21 - 27°C
Max Size: 4cm
Temperment: Schooling fish, ideal for a community aquarium with other peaceful tankmates
Shoal Size: Always keep in groups to minimise stress
Food: Not fussy/most aquarium foods

General Information

Very peaceful, making it an ideal resident of the well-researched community aquarium.

Lemon tetras inhabit clear water, with a moderate current, and tend to dwell in the shallows near to shore. They are often found in heavily vegetated areas of narrow, overgrown streams, and this environment should be recreated as closely as possible in the home aquarium.

These fish stay relatively small, and grow to a maximum of 4cm. On average, they live for around 6 years in captivity, though well cared individuals can quite easily live for 8 years or longer.

All Live Fish are only available as in-store purchase. Each species may vary to the images and at times colouration may develop in different patterns and at different life stages. Visit in-store and discuss with an Animates team member if you have any questions about our range.

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