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M&c Green-um Lawn Burn Control Tablets 100 Pack

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Green-UM has been specially formulated to help control lawn burn, by diminishing those unsightly yellow spots on lawns. In addition, M&C's Green-UM contains essential B-Vitamins from Yeast, the essential amino acid (Methionine) and other ingredients that can provide nutritional support for your pet. Thus, Green-UM can benefit both your pet and your lawn at the same time. Green-UM can also alleviate burns on plants and shrubs caused by pets using them as their "favourite spot". A tasty supplement that can help diminish lawn burn when fed to your pet on a daily basis during grass growing season Helps control yellow spots and helps keep your lawn green Single tablet strength suitable for all dog breeds and sizes Yucca Schidigera Extract Natural plant extract that helps to bind the ammonia in the waste matter that causes the lawn burn characterised by brown patches B-Vitamins Maximises the efficiency of food digestion giving greater access of the active plant extract to the breakdown of substances that cause lawn burn DL-Methionine Amino Acid that has an acidifying effect on urine and may reduce the burning effects of urine on the lawn Target Dogs whose waste matter shows evidence of causing brown patches on the lawn. Dogs who persist in marking their territory on your lawn

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