The new and improved Nutro

The team at Nutro have been hard at work making some pawsome changes to your dog’s favourite food. We’ve put together everything you need to know about the product changes below so you can be sure your dog is still getting all the minerals and nutrients they need with every meal.

For some products you just need to look out for the beautiful new packaging in-store whilst some products have a new and improved recipe. If your food of choice has had a change in recipe remember to transition your dog slowly onto the new food over several days to avoid any stomach irritation.

Nutro’s New-Look

The Lamb & Rice Range and the Wet Food Range has a fresh new look. There is no change to the recipe.

If you are currently feeding your dog Nutro Lite Weight Loss Lamb & Rice please be aware that this product is now available under the Chicken Range. This product now contains two types of protein, chicken and lamb, to provide a more optimum range of amino acids and improve digestiability and palatability. Please see below for more information about the new and improved Chicken recipe.

Nutro’s New Recipe

The Chicken Range has a fresh new look and a new and improved Recipe. Please slowly transition your dog onto the new recipe over 7 days to avoid any stomach irritation. All of the current chicken, brown rice and oatmeal formulas now include sweet potato and a blend of whole grain, fruit and vegetables, as well as two sources of meat protein, with the addition of lamb meal (excluding senior formulas). Benefits of the new recipe include:

  • Improved range of amino acids from an additional protein source, which reduces dependency on pea protein. Increased animal protein also improves digestibility and palatability.
  • The addition of barley as a source of insoluble fibre, which helps to improve digestive tract health and faecal consistency
  • Sweet potato, whole grain, fruit and vegetables help to deliver an even more balanced
  • diet.

    Note: Nutro Small Breed Puppy 1.8kg and Small Breed Adult 1.8kg are now available in 2.27kg bag.

    No longer available

    The below products will no longer be available. Please talk to the team in-store about transitioning your dog to a new product.