It’s a classic case of you don’t know, what you don’t know.

Some pet owners truly believe that they’re giving their pets the right nutrition by product promises that seem to be better than they actually are. But do we really know what our pets are eating? Animates is on a mission to change that because what we feed them counts.

At Animates we class our foods in three different levels; Superior Nutrition (being the very best for your pet), Essential Nutrition and Standard Nutrition.

✔   Enhanced nutrition through scientific research and innovation
✔   Created in partnership with veterinary and nutritional experts
✔   Top quality ingredients and high quality control standards
✔   Extra vitamins and minerals
✔   Tailored nutrition
✔   Best possible digestibility and gut health support
✔   Support of skin, coat and dental health
✔   Firmer and smaller stool size

Superior Nutrition is the right food to choose to see your pet thrive and flourish on the food they are being fed.
Superior Nutrition brands at Animates commonly include Royal Canin, Hill's Science Diet and Eukanuba.

✔   Quality Ingredients
✔   Extra vitamins and minerals
✔   Consistent formulas
✔   Palatability guarantee
✔   Age and size specific diets

Essential Nutrition brands available at Animates are; Iams, Nutrience Original and Black Hawk Original

✔   Meets AAFCO standards
✔   Complete and balanced Nutrition

Standard Nutrition brands available at Animates are; Chow, Pedigree, Coprice.

Once you’ve selected your pet’s new diet, we recommend a transition period – changing their old food to their new food. This is best done over a 7-day period and involves mixing the two kibbles together until your pet is solely on the new diet.

During this period, keep an eye on their stools and behaviour - some pets may need a slower transition due to loose bowel movements, which can occur when changing from a diet with low nutritional value to a diet with high nutritional value as their stomach won’t be used to a highly digestible food.

For more information on transitioning your pet to a new diet, check out our article here.

For optimal nutrition, feeding your pet a mixture of wet and dry food has multiple health benefits. Introducing a wet meal into your pet’s diet can be a great way to provide stimulation and excitement, through a variety of flavours and textures.

Having a wet diet offered alongside their normal kibble will not only invigorate your pet’s desire to eat their food, but it also comes with added benefits.

To find out more about the benefits of feeding a mixed diet, you can read our article here.