Is your pet at risk?

Did you know….

Over 40% of dogs and over 30% of cats in New Zealand are at least 10% over their ideal weight, classing them as overweight or obese*? Being a healthy weight is important to the overall health of your fur friend.

Vet director Jonathan Robinson over at the Vetcare Group has compiled this guide to help you keep your pet’s weight in check. Check out some details below, or visit Vetcaregroup for our offers and further information

Some syptoms of an overweight cat or dog can be when you cannot feel their individual ribs and they do not have a defined waist - for more symptoms click here

One common cause of obesity for cats is that they are very cheeky and love to pretend that they haven't been fed already. A common reason for dogs can be due to their exercise levels and even their breed, for more cause visit here

If your pet is showing any of these symptoms, please ensure you visit your local Vet clinic as it can lead to greater problems including diabetes, mobility problems and much more, to see additional health risks click here

When you see your Veterinarian they will have the best solution for your pet, however while you are waiting for your appointment we recommend you monitor their food intake and exercise levels to bring this information along with you to your appointment.