Oh Christmas Tree, how incredibly tempting it must be for our pet to crash tackle you to the ground!
For many pet owners, the joy of decorating the Christmas tree can be quickly unravelled by our beloved pets.
Petbarn has put together a few tips on keeping your pet (and your tree!) safe during the festive season.

Christmas Tree Safety Tips For Pets

Pick your place

Your Christmas tree should be in an area that your whole family can enjoy. Try to keep your tree away from furniture as cats especially love to launch themselves at unsuspecting trees. Also choose somewhere that is close to a power point to avoid running electrical cords throughout the house.

Safe and Secure

Cats enjoy climbing to the highest point of a room (it helps them keep an eye out for Santa) and at Christmas time the best view point might just be the top of the Christmas tree. So for the safety of your pets, secure your tree to the floor, wall or ceiling.

How to secure your tree: Attach a small removable hook on the ceiling directly above your tree. Attach one end of fishing wire to the hook and anchor the other end to the tree with a small amount of tension in the line to keep the tree in place.

Dangerously pretty?

Those Christmas decorations dangling from the tree can be an enticing lure for any curious pet. Choosing baubles made from plastic or wood can be a safer option than glass. Ornaments made from food (like candy cane) may also tempt your pet to explore the tree. Decorations like ribbons and tinsel are also on the dangerously pretty list because when digested by dogs and cats they can be caught in your pets’ intestines and no one wants to spend Christmas at the vet.

Presents for me? Oh you shouldn’t have!

All those beautifully gathered presents under the tree won’t last long if you live with a curious pet. Who can resist those crinkling Christmas boxes that call out to your pet when nobody is watching? Consider keeping your presents in a safe place away from curious claws in the lead up to Christmas.