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Petsafe Little Dog Deluxe In-ground Fence System

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This deluxe in-ground fencing system caters to the little dog in your life. It provides safe and reliable pet containment while ensuring that your pal is as comfortable as possible. The well-designed system includes Petsafes smallest waterproof receiver collar, adjustable for neck sizes 6" to 26".
Care Instructions
Training products should be used with care & consideration for your pet and their nature. Always check the product guides before use.
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Safe and effective for pets over 3.6 kg, this fence will keep your little pup safe in your yard. Our smallest waterproof collar is designed specifically for comfort. The reflective strip on the collar helps you find your small dog at night, so outside playtime doesn't have to end when the sun goes down! A radio signal is sent through a buried wire, marking the boundaries you wish to set for your dog. As your dog approaches the boundary, the dog?s Receiver Collar issues a warning tone. If he continues into the boundary, your pet receives a safe but startling electrical stimulation from the Receiver Collar. While harmless, the stimulation will persuade him to stay in the containment area you?ve established. The system offers 4 levels of static stimulation plus a tone-only option, adjustable to your dog?s temperament. For dogs 2.3 kg and up Fits neck sizes 15 - 40 cm 4 adjustable levels of static stimulation Tone-only mode alerts your pet with a beep Over Stimulation Protection: Stimulation stops after 30 seconds Covers up to 13 ares (1/3 acre/0.13 hectares) with included boundary wire Expandable up to 1,000 ares/25 acres/10 hectares (additional wire and flags required) Add an unlimited number of pets with additional in-ground Add-A-Dog Receiver Collars Run Through Prevention- Static Stimulation increases if your dog tries to run through the boundary zone Waterproof Receiver Collar Collar uses replaceable 3-volt battery Battery typically lasts 1 month Good/low battery indicator Waterproof Receiver Collar with reflective strap Transmitter Boundary wire Boundary training flags Additional installation parts

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