Our catteries are currently in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Dunedin and run through our friends at The Vet Care Group, please click here for more information.

At Animates, we understand the bond between people and pets. In our catteries, guests will experience luxurious comfort and the utmost care to ensure a happy and healthy stay.

All guests receive a full check up from a veterinarian or veterinary nurse at admission, this covers:

  • Weight and body condition
  • Dental assessment
  • Check temperature, heart and respiration
  • Flea Check
  • Microchip check
  • Toileting, behaviour and overall wellbeing monitored daily

Our cattery environments are filled with enrichment for exercise and socialisation including:

  • Jungle gyms
  • Furniture and scratching posts
  • Toys
  • Places to hide away

Guests are enclosed at night for safety, and allowed to free roam in the communal cattery area during the day under observation of our trained and qualified staff to secure every guest’s individual needs.

Our veterinary team are on hand for any medical attention that may be required, feel assured you will be contacted regarding any concerns for your pet in your absence.

Guests will also be sure to receive brushing and daily cuddles from our team, and are welcome to arrive with their own special nutrition or belongings if desired.

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or pop in any time to discuss your pets care.