Pet Insurance

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Who are Pet-n-Sur?
Pet-n-Sur is peace of mind protection for your family pets, they have a number of great plans to help out with unexpected bills, they provide you with the best pet care possible.  We have teamed up with Pet-n Sur to create a number of packages available to suit you and your family.

Why do I need pet insurance?
Many pets are curious and active. Injuries and accidents can happen when you least expect it. Insurance give peace of mind that you will be able to afford quality care when you need it.

Why should I use pet insurance rather than savings?
Saving for veterinary expenses is a good idea however, you never know when you will need the money and you may not have had enough time to save before an accident or illness happens.  
There has been significant advancement veterinary technology and more sophisticated care is available but this does come at a price.  With Pet Insurance these options become more affordable.

To enquire about pet insurance with Pet-n-Sur click here. 

FAQ: Animates Pet Insurance

How old can my pet be to qualify to get a policy with Pet-n-Sur?

Pets classified as a Select Breed have an entry age of under 6 years. Pets not classified as a Select Breed have an entry age of under 12 years. Once your pet is insured and the premiums are kept up to date, they can be covered for life.

Is Pet Insurance only for the unexpected?

No, depending on the insurance plan, insurance is not only for accidents and illnesses. With the Animates Pet Protection Plan Cover, one off contributions towards desexing, microchipping and dog registration are included. There are also annual contributions towards dog registration and annual care and a boarding fee or home care contribution.

Can I insure more than one pet under one policy?

Yes, Animates and Pet-n-Sur recognise that many pet passionate people have more than one cat or dog and are now able to offer an exclusive Multi-Pet policy.

Are routine eye surgery, dental and flea treatments covered by Pet-n-Sur?

No, these treatments are not covered by the policy.

Does Pet-n-Sur cover specialist veterinarian cost?

Yes, specialist veterinarian costs are covered but are limited to a reimbursement of 60% from Pet-n-Sur.

How do I make a claim?

Claims forms are available on the website or supplied with your policy pack. You just need to attach all receipts and from there the claim will be assessed and the claim manager will be in contact with you.

Am I able to cancel my policy for a refund?

Pet-n-Sur have a ‘free look’ period in which you have 7 days after the date you have applied, to cancel the policy for a refund.