Introducing Sophresh -The new and improved look of Animates exclusive cat litter range. We know a cat’s litter is a very purr-sonal matter to our furry friends, so don’t worry! Sophresh is still the same product your cat knows and loves, now with a phresh new look.

At Animates, we’re always striving to make you and your pets lives better so we went back to the drawing board to think of ways we could improve our cat litter. We’re excited to share with you, our loyal customers, the improvements we’ve made to the product range .

The bags of Clumping, Crystal and Natural Pine litter now all have resealable zip locks so your feline can enjoy a fresh batch every time. We did some magic and managed to make the paper litter to be completely ink free! This leaves a much healthier environment for your cats and clean-up is much easier.

We’ve given each of the different litter types distinctive colours, so you can pick your felines favourite litter straight away at our stores. Green for Paper, Yellow for Pine, Purple for Crystal and Blue for Clumping litter.

To see which litter type best suits your household needs, check out our handy litter purchasing guide below.