Hay range

Rabbit & guinea pig feeding hay and bedding hay

TIMOTHY HAY Timothy hay is widely known as the best choice of hay for rabbits, guinea pigs and other herbivores. It’s key benefits include:
  • The sweet smell and taste encourages herbivores to forage and help ensure their fibre intake is sufficient.
  • High in fibre and is easily digested.
  • Chewing on a fibrous hay helps to keep teeth ground down.
  • Low in calcium compared with other hay varieties. This reduces the risk of urinary stones, a common condition affecting rabbits that take in excess calcium.

  • Ingredients: 100% natural Timothy hay. 1kg per bag.

    $5.95 per bag +gst

    LUCERNE HAY Lucerne (Alfalfa) hay is a high fibre legume hay that contains more protein, digestible energy and calcium than grass hay. These differences make Lucerne hay the perfect choice for growing, breeding or underweight herbivores and an excellent treat for mature herbivores.
    Ingredients: 100% natural Lucerne hay. 1kg per bag. $5.95 per bag +gst

    BEDDING STRAW Natural bedding to keep your rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla or chickens clean, dry and cosy. This barley straw is intended for use as bedding only. Use generously, especially in the colder months to keep your herbivore clean, dry and warm.
    Ingredients: 100% natural barley straw. 700g per bag. $5.95 per bag +gst