Torus Water Bowl 2l - Charcoal

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Torus Water Bowls are the fresh new way to ensure your pet drinks clean water at any time. The Torus water bowl has a concealed reservoir which automatically dispenses fresh water while your pet drinks. With a Torus water bowl you can have peace of mind that your dog or cat will always have an adequate supply of clean drinking water.

Key Benefits:

  • Central water well automatically replenishes as your pet drinks
  • Stores two litres which is more than a day’s clean water for most pets
  • The thick walls of the bowl keep water cooler for longer
  • Replaceable filters freshen the water and enhances the inner liners life.
  • The water is sealed in the reservoir, meaning it stays clean
  • The drinking level is set low to reduce splashing
  • A low profile on the bowl makes it more stable
  • Sealed water in the reservoir won’t spill
  • Fill the reservoir, turn the cap to lock, and you can take your Torus anywhere

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