Trouble & Trix Cat No More Litterbox Odour 750ml

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Dc Clean Up
Stain & Odour Control
We love our kitties more than Sylvester and Tweety put together, but sometimes they do their business 'where they're not supposed to, leaving what we like to call litterbox odours', behind. Whether it's Sock's spraying or Puddles's puddles you're up against, Trouble & Trix No More Litterbox Odours spray can help. It's the ultimate pet odour remover for any kitty smell, whether it's on fabrics, hard surfaces - or just floating in the air (keep in mind we're still talking about smells, here). No More Litterbox Odours destroys them all, on contact. Safe for use on litterboxes, pet beds, cages, sofas, carpets, cars, etc. It's also OK to use around children and pets, if done as directed. How to use it. Litterbox Odours. Spray directly onto the litter. Airbourne Odours. Liberally spray into the air. (Translation: Spray it like you just don't care! Sort of.) Fabric Odours. Before using, test the fabric you'll be using No More Litterbox Odours on, but in a hidden area. You just want to make sure it doesn't affect the surface's colour in any way. If it does, don't use it on these types of surfaces. Spray lightly and evenly onto fabric surfaces, until slightly damp. Not recommended for use on silk or leather. Hard Surface Odours. Spray lightly and evenly onto the surface, until slightly damp. Wipe off any excess spray with a cloth. Be careful. Can cause eye and/or skin irritation. If contact occurs, immediately flush eyes with water for 15 minutes. If irritation continues seek medical advice. Harmful if swallowed. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. AVOID INHALING SPRAY MIST. KEEP CONTAINER CLOSED WHEN NOT IN USE. DO NOT SPRAY DIRECTLY ON PET.

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