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The Wahl KMSS is a single speed clipper suitable for all coat types & breeds, a popular choice for light home use (see the tips below about coat types).  45W, low vibration, fan cooled rotary motor.  A5 type detachable blade clipper that fits our extensive range of A5 type blades from Andis, Wahl, Oster, Heiniger & Geib.  Full starter kit included: #10 blade, grooming scissors, cleaning brush, starter oil, storage case + 4 stainless steel comb attachments.  5 coat lengths: blade by itself 1.8mm - for paw pads, face, sanitary areas etc. Size 1 comb gives you 3mm, size 2 6mm, 3 is 10mm & 4 is 13mm (all included).  Single speed 2,400 RPM keeps blades cooler for longer, reduces risk of blade burn, ideal for taking your time. Quieter clipper, ideal for puppies or anxious pets. Clipper made in Europe. 12 month NZ warranty.

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