Look good, smell great - keep your pet healthy and happy with regular grooming to enhance your dogs coat with our professional grooming teams available in select Animates Stores across the country.

Safe and modern grooming facilities

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At Animates, the friendly staff at our grooming facilities will provide you with professional grooming sessions tailored to your dog's needs. There's no need to wait either, just drop off your dog and pick them up later while our groomers ensure that your pets are groomed to a high standard and remain safe while in our care.

Regular grooming ensures your dogs skin and coat remain in optimum condition, it also reduces the possibility of skin infection and flea infestation which saves you money in the long run keeping your pet healthy to reduce vet bills. Your dog will look good, smell good and feel great - there's less mess to clean at home and we can provide you with valuable tips and advice to keep your dogs coat looking great between appointments.

FAQ: Animates Grooming

This is my first visit, is there anything else I should know?

We would ask that if possible you allow an extra 5-10 minutes for when you arrive, this is to ensure that we have all the necessary details about you and your dog to achieve the look you are after and your pets safter.

How long do will I need to leave my dog?

We appreciate that your time is precious and we always aim to be prompt. We usually require around 3-4 hours to complete a full groom on most breeds, but we will call you when your pet is ready for pick up.

What if my dog is really nervous?

Allow us a little more time during your dogs appointment if they are nervous or new to grooming. This way they will have time to get used to the new sounds and smells at the salon.

Can I earn Friends for Life points from Animates Grooming services?

Yes, all grooming services provided at an Animates store will accumulate Friends for Life points.

What if my dog is really matted?

Our professional groomers will advise you of what is possible and whether there are extra charges involved depending on the condition of your pets coat.

What if my dog bites?

Please let us know if you think or know that your dog may bite. We may need to take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of both the groomer and your pet.

What if my dog barks a lot?

That's ok, it's all part of the job! Our dog groomers are issued with ear protection.