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Can you walk a cat? We all know that dogs love to be walked, but you can also take your cat out for a walk. Cat’s love the outdoors, and if trained correctly, your kitty can be walked on a cat leash. It can also be a good idea if your cat is an inside cat and doesn’t get much exercise outdoors, for example if they live in an apartment.

There are a few things you need to know about taking your cat out for a walk on a cat lead. Importantly, you’ll need to attach the cat lead to a cat harness rather than a cat collar – as they can very easily slip out of a cat collar. Ideally, you’ll want to start walking your cat when they’re a kitten, but you can train an adult cat to wear a cat harness. Begin by easing your cat into wearing their cat harness. Try putting it on them while they’re inside, and let your moggie get used to wearing it. Once they’re comfortable in their cat harness you can then attach the cat leash and lead your cat around the house. Give them some cat treats to encourage them too! Once they’ve got used to being walked around inside you can then start walking your cat in their cat harness and cat lead outside.

Remember that cats can startle easily, so avoid places with cars, loud noises, or dogs when you’re starting out. And finally – remember that cats don’t “sit” or “stay” like dogs do, so you’ll need to always keep an eye on them.