Frequently Asked Questions

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Online Shopping

I have not received a shipping confirmation.

If you have not received your shipping confirmation after 2 business days of placing your order please contact our Customer Service Team who will assist you in finding the status of your order.

Can I place a phone order?

Not at this time, however if you are experiencing difficulties ordering please feel free to contact our Customer Service Team here. who will happily assist you.

Can I change/cancel my order once I have checked out?

If you wish to change or cancel your order, please contact our Customer Service Team as soon as possible who will attempt to stop the order before it has been dispatched. Unfortunately this is not guaranteed and if your order has already been dispatched you will need to make a return. Please see our returns policy. or contact our Customer Service Team here. to assist you.

Help! Your website is displaying an error.

If you notice our website is experiencing a technical error or you are unable to proceed throughout the checkout process please contact our Customer Service Team here.

How do I track my order?

You can track your order at this address Once your order has been booked with the courier you will receive an email notification with a tracking ID. Simply enter this number and you will be given an approximate location of your order.

How do I log in or register an account with Animates Online?

To register for an online account, click here , from here there are two options to 'Register'

If you are a new customer to Animates, or have shopped with us but not joined our Friends For Life program,
please select the 'CREATE AN ACCOUNT' option.

If you have previously registered in our stores and have an existing membership in our Friends For Life rewards program,
please select the 'MATCH YOUR MEMBERSHIP'

Do I need to create an account to make purchases online?

You may checkout as a guest when making a purchase online, however as a guest you will not receive the benefits of shopping as you do when you create an account including:


  • Full online purchase history for your convenience
  • Shop faster with access to your previous orders
  • Exclusive offers and deals sent to your inbox
  • Redeem loyalty rewards
  • Create and share wishlists

I need to update or change my account information?

To update your account information, click 'My Account' and sign in. Click edit on any field you wish to change on your dashboard, update your details and 'Save Changes'.

Can I view my order history?

You will only be able to view your order history if you have registered an account with us. To do this, sign in and click 'My Account'. Choose 'My Orders' in the menu on the left to see all previous orders you have made. To view the details of these orders click 'View Order'.

Help! I've forgotten my password.

To reset your password click 'Log in' at the top right hand side of the page, from here there click 'Forgot Your Password?' enter your email address, then check your inbox for a link to reset your password.

Friends For Life

I am a Friends For Life member in your stores, will my accounts link online?

When registering to shop online, you have the option to match your membership with your existing account. Simply choose this option and follow the instructions to match your information.

If I shop online, will I still receive loyalty rewards & frequent feeder rewards?

Yes, all online purchase made with an account are eligible to accrue loyalty rewards & frequent feeder rewards.

Can I redeem my loyalty vouchers online?

If you have an Animates voucher, you can redeem this online, however unfortunately you cannot redeem loyalty vouchers online - we hope to be able to do this in future.

Is there a limit on how many products I can order?

Animates has the right to cancel any orders due to stock level issues or misuse of quantities, this is at their discretion.


Can I purchase a Animates Gift Voucher online?

Not at this time, we hope to have this available to our online shoppers in the near future. You can still purchase gift vouchers in store.

What payment types are accepted?

We accept payments via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Diners Club International and Laybuy. However, if you are subscribed to our Repeat Delivery, you can only pay via credit card.

I don't have a credit card, can I still make a purchase?

Yes, you may use a Visa or Mastercard debit card to complete your purchase.

How do I open a PayPal account?

Opening a PayPal account is free and easy - simply visit and follow the instructions to get started.

Are my credit card details safe?

To ensure safety of your credit card details we use DPS Payment Express which is a PCI DSS compliant card authorisation and payment processing service.

What will appear on my credit card statement?

All purchase made by Credit Card using DPS Payment Express will show with 'Animates NZ Holdings' as the trading name for any payments made through the Animates online store.

Repeat Delivery

Why do I need to log-in when subscribing to Repeat Delivery?

This is to ensure that you can manage and alter your Repeat Delivery preferences.

Friends For Life Loyalty Programme:

Repeat Delivery orders are eligible in accruing loyalty points.

What payment types are accepted?

If there’s at least one item in your cart added as subscription, we ask that you pay via credit card as we will need a card securely saved on your file for when your next order is due, it's okay we will send you a reminder before your card is charged. Laybuy will be available soon on Repeat Delivery. Lay-Buy is not currently available.

Can I purchase vet diet products on Repeat Delivery?

Unfortunately, vet diet products cannot be purchased on Repeat Delivery as we need your confirmation every time you purchase them. However, you can still buy them as frequently as you need.

How do I pause/cancel my Repeat Delivery subscription?

Simply log-in to your account, select ‘My Repeat Deliveries’ from the menu on the left. You can adjust the frequency of your Repeat Delivery.

I want to purchase a product online but it’s not available for Repeat Delivery.

We always welcome feedback. Please give us a call at 0800 ANIMATES or send us an email at

Can I have Member’s Pricing on Repeat Delivery?

Member’s Pricing isn’t available on Repeat Delivery products. If you select a product eligible for Member’s Pricing for Repeat Delivery, you’ll receive 15% off the full retail price and receive free delivery.

Can I have the promotional price on Repeat Delivery?

Repeat Delivery will always be 15% off the full retail price and free delivery not the promotional price this means you’ll always know what price you’ll be paying for the product when you set up your Repeat Delivery.

Can we price match on Repeat Delivery?

No, however Repeat Delivery products receive 15% off full retail price and free delivery.

Repeat Delivery pricing.

Customers on Repeat Delivery receive 15% off the full retail price and free delivery.

Can I change my payment method on a Repeat Delivery order?

If you need to change credit card details for an existing Repeat Delivery order you will need to cancel the original order, and re-book a new order using the updated payment details.

Can I change my delivery address on a Repeat Delivery order?

If you need to change delivery address details for an existing Repeat Delivery order you will need to cancel the original order, and re-book a new order using the delivery address details. Make sure you do this on the day you want your order cycle to continue.

I received an email saying my order is due for packing next week. What does this mean?

This email is letting you know we are going to process your order in the next week. This is not the expected delivery date (which is still subject to our standard delivery time-frame).

Can I change the delivery date or frequency of my Repeat Delivery?

Yes, just log in to your account on the Animates website and click on ‘my account’. Then click on ’My Repeat Delivery’ on the left side and click ’Manage’ next to the order you wish to change. You can now change the frequency and/or the delivery date. Note that if you change the frequency you will also need to confirm the next delivery date as well.

Member's Pricing

I’m a regular customer but not a Friends for Life member or Animates Petpoints Member, can I get the discount?

This offer is only available to Friends For Life members and Animates Petpoints (Nelson only). To sign up for a loyalty account it only takes a few minutes in-store.

Is Member’s Pricing offered on other brands?

Member’s Pricing is only on selected brands, this is subject to change at any time.

Is Member’s Pricing offered on other Animates products?

Not at this stage. We will be introducing a range of other Animates products in the future.

Can a member buy more than one Member’s Price product?

Yes they can.

The discount is not applying to the shopping cart

  • Log in using the same email address as your registered Friends For Life account, your cart will update if your accounts are linked.
  • If your accounts are not linked then you will have to match your account by clicking ‘Log In’, click ‘Register’ and click ‘Match your Membership’.
  • If you are still having issues, please give us a call at 0800 ANIMATES or send us an email at
  • If this is your first time, you can sign up for Friends For Life in-store.