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Cats are generally great self-groomers, but you can also groom your cat at home yourself. Grooming your cat can help reduce issues like matted fur which can lead to hairballs. Grooming your cat is also a good way to manage the amount of cat hair that is shed in the house and promote a healthy coat.

If you are going to start grooming your moggie, then there are some grooming tools for cats that you will need. A cat grooming brush should be top of your list. Cat grooming brushes have special bristles that will suit your cat’s coat and help keep it soft and shiny. There are different types of cat grooming brushes available, from cat moulting combs to de-shedding brushes for cats.

A cat flea comb is also handy. Using a cat flea comb can help you spot any undesirable fleas and remove them. As you groom your cat with a cat flea comb, its finely spaced teeth also collect flea eggs and flea dirt.

Your cat’s claws also need attention, so look for a good nail cutter for cats. Trimming a cat’s claws is important for its health, plus it will also protect your arms and furniture from scratches. A nail cutter for cats is designed specifically for your cat’s claws and are also available in different sizes to suit from kitten claws to adult claws.

When you have got all the grooming tools for cats you need, it is time to introduce grooming as part of their daily ritual. The best time to start is when they are a kitten so they become comfortable with the extra attention.