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From budgies to canaries or parrots, birds are a unique companion to have around the home as a pet – some will even talk back at you! And just because a pet bird may be smaller than other pets doesn’t make it any less of a commitment. Some small birds can live for up to ten years and larger parrots could be with you for over fifty years – so it’s important to make them part of the family with the right bird cage, bird food, and some bird toys to keep your Polly perky.

It is important to create a safe and stimulating home for your bird. Your bird cage should provide a large space relative to the size of the bird, to allow for free movement and flight. Most birds enjoy flying, which is important for bird health – so go for the largest size cage that you can afford and fit in your house. Birds love to play and explore, so a selection of bird toys will help keep them entertained. Bird toys that allow them to exhibit their natural behaviours are ideal.

And when it comes to bird food, it is important to provide a balanced and varied diet. From seed mixes to energy cakes, there's a variety of bird food to suit your new pet. A cuttlefish bone is also a good source of important trace minerals you’ll need for bird health.

Remember – different species of bird have very different needs, so ask our staff instore and they’ll help you choose the right bird cage, bird food, and bird toys for your feathered friend.