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  1. I256194-Proplan Cat Vet Diet Gastro En 1.5kg
    Frequent feeder
    Proplan Cat Vet Diet Gastro En 1.5kg
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Results 25-48 of 512


From playful cute kittens to slower senior cats, your feline friend will change throughout their lives. Feeding your cat, the right cat food for their life stage can help them live a longer, healthier life.

The age of your cat is important to consider when choosing cat food. For example, there’s special cat food formulated for kittens, with more fats, proteins, and calories than adult cat food. Adult cat food contains fewer calories to help them maintain a healthy weight during adulthood.

You’ll also need to think about your cat’s lifestyle. A cat that lives indoors in an apartment may spend less time exercising, so will need a ‘light option’ cat food with less energy. Whereas a cat that spends the day roaming around will need a cat food that’s more calorie dense, to support their active lifestyle. And if your cat is a pedigree cat, there are special cat foods to meet the nutritional requirements of purebred cats.

You can also choose between wet cat food and dry cat food. A wet meal can be a good way to boost your cat’s daily water intake. It’s a good idea to feed your cat a mixture of wet cat food and dry cat food – a mixed diet can have multiple health benefits. So, when it comes to deciding on the right cat food for your pet, our staff can help you settle on a diet that’ll suit your moggie.