Prevention is the best cure

On-going all year around treatment is advised to best protect your pet, family & home from flea infestation.


When you experience bites on pets, humans or see fleas in your home, follow our recommended flea treatment guide to eliminate them.

Step 1: Treat with a CAPSTAR pill to drop fleas dead within a couple of hours of treatment.

Step 2: Use a flea shampoo on all your pets in the house to remove dirt and dead fleas.

Step 3: Use topical drops to prevent re-infestation.

Step 4: Wash all pet bedding and upholstery they come in contact with.

Step 5: Flea bomb the house, to kill any fleas nesting, follow up with a home or yard spray, and don’t forget your car too.

Sep 6: Ongoing monthly topical treatments to prevent re-infestation