Animates Grooming Terms and Conditions:


Medical conditions: To ensure the health and wellbeing of your pet, it is vital that you fully disclose your pet’s medical conditions or previous injuries prior to any groom taking place so that our groomers can tailor the process to suit your pet’s needs. You agree not to hold Animates responsible for any pre-existing health problems your pet may have and agree that you are responsible for any medical conditions that are discovered during the grooming process.

Finished style: Our groomers are highly skilled and will always endeavour to groom your pet in accordance with your specific instructions. To ensure you are happy with the outcome of your groom, please take some time at the beginning of your appointment to discuss your requirements with your groomer.

Fleas: Unfortunately, fleas are a common problem in NZ. It is important in our salons that flea control is maintained to prevent cross contamination to other pets. Please understand that if fleas are found on your pet during the grooming process, your pet will be given a bath using a flea rinse and a Capstar flea treatment tablet at your expense.

Vaccination policy: We highly recommend that all dogs are vaccinated before attending their groom, to prevent transmission of life-threatening illness from other pets. We especially encourage pet owners with dogs under 12 months to complete the full puppy vaccination process before booking their first groom. If the puppy is 6 months or younger, on their first visit, you will be asked to provide proof that your puppy is fully vaccinated. As an informed owner, if you have chosen not to vaccinate their dog, you agree it is at your own risk and Animates will not be held responsible for any vaccinable illness that your dog could contract. The groomer may decline to groom your pet if it looks visibly unwell. For further information on vaccinations please talk to your local Animates Vetcare clinic or visit Vaccinations and my pet.


Aged pets: At Animates we understand that the grooming process can become stressful as our pets age and become ‘senior citizens’. We take every precaution necessary to protect our senior friends from becoming stressed by allowing additional time should we need to work more slowly, however Animates will not be held liable for any age-related occurrences that may arise.

Ear plucking: At Animates grooming salons, your dog’s ears are not routinely plucked. If you elect to have your dog’s ears plucked, you agree that Animates will not be held responsible for any aftereffects that may arise from the procedure.

Nail trimming: Our groomers will only trim dog's nails if the dog allows. If the dog resists a nail trim this service will not be completed, for the dog's safety and the safety of our groomers. Full-service price will still apply if the nail trim is not completed.

Condition of coat: Our services are priced based on the size and condition of your dog's coat at the time of grooming. Surcharges will apply if the dog requires extra grooming. Charges will be applied per 15 minutes for hand stripping, for matting and for hand scissoring style cut. If you require an estimate, please discuss with our groomer when you drop off for your pet’s appointment.

Behavioural problems: Our biggest priority is the wellbeing of your pets when left with us in the salon. Unfortunately, not all pets find the grooming process an easy and enjoyable experience. If your pet finds certain aspects of the grooming process stressful, there may be an additional cost for grooming if your pet requires extra time or a second team member to complete the required service. If your pet’s behaviour is excessive or the groomers feel your pet is finding the procedure too stressful, Animates reserves the right not to complete a groom and you may be asked to collect your pet. Time and service charges will apply, and payment will need to be made on pick up of your pet.

Aggressive pets: If you suspect your dog may act inappropriately during certain grooming procedures, it is your responsibility to inform the salon staff before the groom takes place. If your pet is aggressive or may potentially be aggressive towards a member of the grooming team, we may require that they wear a muzzle for the safety of our staff. If you are uncomfortable with your dog wearing a muzzle or if your dog’s aggression is excessive, please understand that our groomers reserve the right not to groom a dog if they feel their safety is at risk. Time and service charges will apply, and payment will need to be made on pick up of your pet.

Socialising: In our salons, our goal is for your pets to enjoy their grooming experience in a safe environment. The grooming staff reserves the right to crate any dog if they feel it is necessary for the wellbeing of your pet or other pets in the salon. Please understand when working with animals, accidents can occur, however every precaution is taken to ensure the safety and relaxation of all pets whilst in the salon.

Time charges fee: Time Charges are charged when a groomer has taken time to try to complete a groom and had to stop due to behavioural or aggressive issues.

Late pick up & extend stay fee: An Additional fee may be applied at the Store Manager and Groomer discretion for late or extended stays that have not have prior approval.

Accident & emergency: Unfortunately, when working with animals’ accidents can occur. Usually this is in the form of small nicks or cuts caused by the dog moving unpredictably. In the event of an unlikely accident or emergency, you authorise Animates to seek medical attention for your pet and you agree to pay for any such medical treatment. You also agree not to hold Animates liable for any treatment costs and understand that our staff prioritize the wellbeing of your pets and take every precaution to prevent accidents from occurring.

Right to refuse: If for any reason the grooming staff feel that grooming your pet puts themselves or your pet at risk, the team reserves the right to refuse to groom your pet.

Complaints procedure: If you are unhappy with the service you have received at out salon, please direct any comments, in the first instance; to the store Duty Manager within 24hrs of having your appointment so that we can do everything we can to rectify the situation.

Services not available: Animates Grooming salons do not do dental descaling or express anal glands; these are veterinary procedures. Cleaning of teeth is topical, using a pet appropriate toothpaste and toothbrush and will only be completed if your pet is comfortable in having their teeth cleaned.

Cancellation, no-show policy: We understand that busy lifestyles can cause the need to cancel or rebook appointments, however, please understand that our salons run on an hourly booking schedule, therefore when a client does not turn up for their appointment, or cancels their appointment with little notice, other clients are prevented from making a booking. Because of this, if no notice is given within 24HRs, a 50% fee will apply to your account and will be charged to your bill on your next visit or groom.

Payment: It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they complete the payment process on collection of their pet. Failure to do this without prior agreement may result in an additional fee being charged.