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Poultry De - Diatemaceous Earth 300g


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-Decreased mortality and sickness-Harder egg shells and reduced breakage, the silica content in DE strengthens the shells. -Increased egg production through less deaths and longer lay periods-Better feed conversion, feed less, healthier birds general
Health Type
Mite & Lice Control

Apply to coops, nest boxes, dusting boxes, floors & surfaces, feed containers, any congested areas flocks congregate. Apply directly to feathers, legs, feet, perches and bedding. Fill dust bath containers with DE to enable fowl to dust themselves 'in DE to just as they would in a dirt dust bath. Commercial chicken operators should experience some or all of the following benefits - Decreased mortality and sickness - Harder egg shells and reduced breakage, the silica content in DE strengthens the shells. - Increased egg production through less deaths and longer lay periods - Better feed conversion, feed less, healthier birds generally - Fly loads in buildings will reduce significantly - Litter bugs will reduce considerably - Improved environment overall

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