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Jurassi-Diet Easi Worm Large 35g

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  • Jurassi-Diet Easi Worm Large
  • Jurassi-Diet Easi Worm Large

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Jurassi-Diet Easi Worm Large 35g

EasiDiet can be used as a sole diet or as a complementary treat and is perfect for bearded dragons, leopard geckos, monitors, chameleons, and most other lizards, amphibians and turtles. No freeze dried critters here; the unique EasiDiet packaging process means nutrients and moisture are locked in the can, ensuring a soft and moist treat every time. If you hate the hassle of feeding live insects, then our EasiDiet line is for you. Skip the gut load and hydration cubes; no more chirping crickets or odor from prey that die prematurely. EasiDiets are the easy alternative to feeding live prey, and with the variety we offer, you can offer a more diverse diet to your animal.

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