Trouble & Trix Litter Tray Liners Large 15 Pack


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Litter Type
Litter Tray Liners

Litter trays can managed really easily with the right gear.

For a cleaner and healthier litter tray, use Trouble & Trix Litter Liners.

Simply fold in the corners of the litter liner and wrap up the litter, use one of the ties provided and dispose of the litter. Its that easy!

Suitable for all litter types, these litter liners  enables the litter cleaning routine to be achieved quicker and more hygienic.

Features & Benefits:

  • Available in two sizes -Large & Regular
  • Makes cleaning the litter tray more hygienic
  • Includes twist ties

Dimensions (LxW): 

Regular 20pack: 43 x 35cm

Large 15pack: 50 x 37cm

Instructions for Use:

  • Unfold one liner and place in the bottom of the litter tray.
  • Turn the edges down over the sides of the tray and fill with litter.
  • To change liner: lift edges up and together. Secure at top with a twist tie. -Place in rubbish bin.

Maintain litter tray freshness by following the instructions on your chosen litter bag.

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