Important information for customers of BLACK HAWK® Grain Free Salmon Dog Food

Black Hawk® have released a press statement around an issue they're experiencing with Black Hawk® Grain Free Salmon Dog Food. It has come to light that a small number of dogs are suffering symptoms of an upset tummy. Because you have purchased Black Hawk® Grain Free Salmon Dog Food from us we wanted to share this information with you.

Black Hawk® take the care of pets very seriously. Extensive testing of the Grain Free Salmon product has been carried out to ensure that it poses no harm. All tests to date have come back well within normal ranges and Black Hawk® continues to test to ensure they can identify the issue as soon as possible.

What is happening with Black Hawk® Grain Free Salmon recipe?

Black Hawk® recently broadened their network of suppliers of salmon due to the demand of the product. As part of their commitment to the quality, they undertook testing to ensure the additional supplier met high-quality standards. All results were compliant with the norms for the product.

What is Black Hawk® doing about it?

Black Hawk® have ceased production of the product and quarantined all remaining stock. They are continuing to test the product samples to ensure they can identify the root cause.

What can I do if I have Black Hawk® Grain Free Salmon at home?

Black Hawk's customer service team will be able to provide support for pet owners who have any questions. You can also swap your bag at Animates for a different flavour or similar alternative brands such as Nutrience Grain Free Ocean Fish and Hearing or Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Ocean Recipe Dry Dog Food.

If you are concerned about your pets well-being, we recommend you consult your local veterinarian and switch to an alternative dog food.

Black Hawk® contact details:

Telephone: 0800 PETLINE