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Results 97-120 of 138


Dog grooming isn’t just about good looks, it is important for pup’s health and happiness. Much like us, your pooch loves to be pampered, look their best, and smelling their best too! Dog grooming is something you can do yourself and can range from a daily brush, a bath with dog shampoo, or a professional dog groom in an Animates Grooming Salon where a variety of dog grooming treatments are available.

If you are wanting to groom your dog at home, you will need to outfit yourself with proper dog grooming tools like dog grooming clippers for those fluffier canine friends, special dog shampoo, dog soap, dog nail clippers, dog grooming brushes and combs, or even a special spritz spray to keep your dog smelling less like a dog.

As well as a regular brush and bath, when grooming your dog, it is a good idea to clean their ears, trim their nails, and brush their teeth – this will all help keep your dog in good health. You can make dog grooming a good experience for your dog by grooming them when they’re calm and relaxed. Stay positive and make it fun for your dog, and dog grooming will become something they’ll enjoy. Start grooming your dog when they’re young puppies so they get used to it and become accustomed to you touching different parts of their body. This will also help keep them relaxed if you decide to get your dog professionally groomed in the future.