It's estimated that over 56% of dogs are overweight*. A dog's body condition has a big impact on it's health and quality of life so keep an eye on your pooch's weight.

Dogs carrying extra weight may have shorter lifespans and have an increased risk of serious health conditions including heart disease, joint and mobility problems, and are at greater risk during surgeries.

Join the 12 week challenge to manage your dog's weight with Hill's Science Diet Perfect Weight. Download the challenge guide to get started.

*2018 Pet Obesity Study, Association for Pet Obesity Prevention.


Signs your dog is overweight

A primary reason why dogs are overweight is overfeeding.

No clear waist or abdominal “tuck”. Difficulty when feeling for your dog’s ribs. Waddling when walking. Getting tired easily or reluctance to exercise*.

*Getting tired easily when exercising or reluctance to exercise can also be a sign of your dog carrying too much weight, but may indicate other health issues too, so it's best to take your pooch to the vet if these signs concern you.

Why choose Hill's Science Diet Perfect Weight?


*Hill's data on file, 2011.

Switching your pet’s diet? It’s important to do it gradually over 7 days. Learn more.

Book a consultation with your local Animates Vetcare for advice on how to improve your dog’s health.

Tips for helping your dog lose weight:

Avoid feeding your dog any treats, human food or fatty snacks. Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight is complete and balanced, so it contains all the nutrients your dog needs.

Get active with your dog and ensure they receive exercise every day.

Be sure to measure out portions to ensure your dog receives the right amount of food at each mealtime. The feeding guide is a guide only. Feeding amounts should be adjusted as needed to maintain optimal body weight.

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A guide to changing your  dog's food
A guide to changing your
dog's food

Transform your dog’s  weight over 12 weeks.  Download the guide and start the challenge.

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