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Purina® Pro Plan® Bright Mind™ Adult 7+ dog food is an innovation in dog nutrition designed to nourish your senior dog’s mind. It’s formulated from proprietary research, showing enhanced botanical oils support brain health, keeping your older dog’s brain active & alert for longer.

Join the 12 week challenge to improve your senior dog’s mental alertness & sharpness with Pro Plan Bright Mind. Download the challenge guide to get started.


Signs your aging dog needs support

As dog’s grow older, they start showing signs of aging as their bodies change.


7 years  or older*. Movements slow down with age. Becoming less active & less playful with age.  Less mentally alert & sharp.


Different dog breeds & sizes age at different rates but, on average, dogs become senior at 7 years of age. If your dog meets any of this criteria, it maybe time to help keep them stay active and alert for longer with the right diet.

Why choose Pro Plan Bright Mind for your dog?


It is developed specifically for dogs aged 7+ years – ensuring they get the vitamins & minerals they need as they age.


Contains enhanced botanical oils with medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), shown to promote mental alertness.


Breakthrough blend of brain-supporting nutrients & supports whole body health (immune system, teeth & joints).


Made with real chicken, natural ingredients & no added artificial colours flavours or preservatives.

Switching your pet’s diet? It’s important to do it gradually over 7 days. Learn more.

Book a consultation with your local Animates Vetcare for a health check  & advice on how to improve your dog’s health.

Tips for improving older dog’s wellbeing:


Introduce orthopaedic bedding to help support their joints.


Ensure you book regular check-ins with your local Animates Vetcare clinic.


Maintain healthy joints & muscles with low intensity exercise.


Provide food puzzles like KONG toys to keep them stimulated.


Consider supplements like joint chews or vitamins to support changing health needs.

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